Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail allows you to get your message directly to the people who are most likely to respond to it for a fraction of the cost of television, radio, newspaper or yellow pages. Nevertheless, many direct mail marketing campaigns fail dismally because they are not executed properly.

You’ve Tried it Before and It Hasn’t Worked?

Here is an unfortunate story that happens far too often in the mailing business. A business owner or decision-maker decides that it’s time to start growing their business. They have heard that direct mail is the most cost-effective way to market a business and so they either hire an expensive designer or come up with a design themselves, print up several thousand cards and take them to a mailer and have them sent out. A week later, they realize that they haven’t gotten a single call and now they are several hundred dollars (or worse) in the hole with absolutely nothing to show for it. How does this happen? 

Most Mailing Service Providers Can’t (or Won’t) Invest the Time and Effort it Takes to Make Your Marketing Succeed

Many mailers are really printers who provide mailing services as an add-on. While they may have a thorough understanding of the print and design process, when it come to getting the message to your customers, they don’t have sufficient knowledge of the postal system or the ability to effectively identify and target your market. Other mailers are primarily focused on massive mailers, such as credit card companies or catalog mailers, and really don’t have the time or manpower to devote to helping a small business grow.

Why Reliant Mailing Services?

Our primary business is Mail and we take it very seriously. We regularly update our software and the skills of our people to stay current on technological and regulatory changes. More importantly, we also take the time to read marketing materials and to study the responses that our customers get so that we are always becoming better small-business marketers.

Reliant Mailing is Different Because Small and Medium Businesses Are Our Business, Not Just a Stepping Stone to Something Bigger

Our mission is to create direct mail marketing campaigns that work for our customers. We understand that direct mail, like any advertising, only makes sense if it generates profit. We firmly believe in building consistent, cost-effective strategies that regularly generate leads and steadily build revenue for our customers. We will take the time to learn about what makes your company marketable and develop a plan for growing your business.

Growing Small Businesses Is What Drives Us